Filling Time

Whenever I have a spare moment I find myself trying to fill it with something. It could be waiting in line for coffee and pulling out my phone, driving in the car and listening to a podcast or sitting at the airport and trying to write a blog post. If I’m not doing something that is “productive” or helping me move forward then I feel like I need to fix that. There are very few times for me where I just stop, slow down and enjoy the moment. I know this is something about myself that drives Maeve nuts.The go go go can be exhausting. When you can’t just stop and relax for a second you have little time to reflect and make calculated decisions. Something that is extremely important when you’re running your own business. That was one of the reasons I started running last year, just to have those moments to let my mind wonder. Lately I’ve been listening to podcasts when I run… another way I found to fill that extra time. 

I don’t really have a solution for how I’m going to change this or if I really want to but I know I do need to take a moment at times just to slow down. 

Making Time To Plan

I often fly by the seat of my pants and make decisions from my gut. This typically works out but there are those times when you have to stop, think about what’s about to happen and plan for it. This is especially true when I’m crafting a video. A video takes a lot of time and there is a good amount of planning that needs to happen so everything can run as smoothly as possible. When you just dive in without thinking things through; you’re just going to end up wasting time and money having to start over.

No matter how much you’re chomping at the bit to start making something, you must plan things out, in particularly when you’re on a tight deadline. At LooseKeys I know we’re working on videos that are a key piece of branding for a business and that’s important. You really can’t plan enough when you’re putting something like that together. So put together a great script, make storyboards, do some test animations, scout locations, and think about what you’re going to need to make your project a success.

Don’t be a complainer, make things better.

Take The Chance!

"I wonder what would have happened if…." Don’t look back and wonder. If you want to start a business, do it. Do the research, evaluate but then make a decision and feel confident with it.  It will weigh you down if you don’t! Not once have I looked back and wondered what would have happened if I didn’t start LooseKeys. Sure I miss the people I worked with before but I like the people I’m able to work with now as well. I’ve been able to meet some great connections and clients since I’ve started LooseKeys. Working with so many startups and small businesses I can’t help but be impressed and feel a kinship with these people who at some point made the leap into the unknown and followed an idea and went with their gut. I feel like that entrepreneur spirit has been catching because lately I’ve been hearing from friends who’ve decided to do their own things too. Its inspiring to see people doing what they love. So much time can be wasted if all you do is wonder and worry. It’s a one shot game, take the chance!

Go With Your Gut

Women Thinking

I find myself making quick decisions most of the time. If it’s about a project, what to eat for dinner or where I should take a vacation. Do I regret my choices? Most of the time no; I always trust my initial gut reaction. I make these gut calls because spending time agonizing over the pros and cons for everything can be needlessly time consuming and tedious. There are moments when you need to make those long drawn out decisions that effect your life and your families life but most of the time, especially when it’s work related, they are small simple choices to make. So I say go with your gut and deal with it. The solution to a problem often comes in a flash, almost like a premonition. The key to success is acting on your instincts. I bet even if you make the wrong decision you can fix it in less time then if you would have spent all that time worrying about which way to go.

I know in some instances this might frustrate others. And if you are one of these people you have to know that I still thought about my decision, no matter how fast I came to the conclusion. It might have been something I’ve been thinking about on the side for awhile and it just looks like its a gut reaction. Even if I did make the wrong choice, its sometimes those wrong choices that can bring you to the right place.

Try it, make a choice from your gut, no matter how small. Even if its just if you are going to have a side salad or fries with your lunch. Make the choice and live with it. Learn to trust your decision-making ability. Ultimately, your success is dependent on the actions you take. So go with your gut and take action now.

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