LooseKeys Turns 3!

Whew! LooseKeys is three years old today. This last year went by way too fast and I almost missed our birthday this year. I left my full-time gig three years ago to build this business and like I said last year “There hasn’t been a single day that I’ve looked back and second guessed my decision.“

This last year has been a lot less about reflecting on the past, where I came from and how LooseKeys came to be and much more focused on where we’re headed in the future. Since last year, LooseKeys put out another 30 + explainer videos as well as a handful of internal videos that we haven’t been able to showcase. That’s about three different 90 second videos every month. Not bad for a small team. We’ve been working on a ton of awesome projects for a wide range of clients as well as a few internal projects. Whether it’s a client project or an in-house video, we’re always trying to be creative and see what new stories we can tell.  

As we embark on our third year as a company we started rolling our new branding out which is really exciting and you might hear some news about a new team member soon. 

It’s rather exciting and I wanted to thank everyone for the support. Hope you’re enjoying seeing everything we work on.

Is Anyone Watching Explainer Videos?


It seems like every startup has a video on their site demo-ing or explaining their service. But are they getting watched? At the rate I skip through commercials on TV, I often wonder if anyone is watching these product commercials or explainer videos online.

The best part about this type of online content is that you know that people are watching. The video I worked on for CamScanner was viewed over 30,000 times in a week on YouTube and when the folks at Resultly posted their video on YouTube it was played over 8,000 times in a single day. That’s just a couple examples but I’m not sure how well these two videos were promoted by the businesses. So someone is watching and that’s good for me since this is mainly the sort of content I’m creating and I’d be out of business if all of a sudden people stopped watching video online. 

An explainer or demo video for a service is different than a commercial. The goal of a commercial is typically brand awareness or to sell. Plus a commercial is getting in the way of what I really want to watch.  

An explainer video is there to educate and convert viewers. It’s a bit more passive than a commercial you were forced to watch. With an explainer video, you likely came across the site or video while searching for a way to do something or solve an issue. The viewer already knows they need this and now it’s time to convince them yours is the best.  

They are going to take the time to understand clearly what it is you do and that plays into the quality of the site, your videos and your team.

85% more likely to buy than people who don’t view videos. Even if that number was only 50%, wouldn’t you spend the money on a video? That’s 50% more users that are likely to sign up & buy. 

The more you can educate your consumer on who you are, what you do and why to choose you, the better off you’ll be. 

New Website!

I’ve been messing around with a new website for the last couple weeks and I finally have something I’m pretty happy with. It feels great to have a functioning personal portfolio website again; it’s been about a year since I had something that I felt good about sending people to. Hope you like the new design!

Work That Makes A Difference

Everyone always wants to work on big brands like MTV, Coco-cola, Nike and Apple; its nice having those names in your portfolio and the work featured on your site. Besides the bragging rights, what else do you get out of working with these brands? You’re designs or animation didn’t necessarily help grow their business. The ad or work you did for them may have helped increase their profit but there are so many other factors involved when dealing with a large brand.

That’s one of the great things about working with startups and small businesses, they are changing so rapidly and when you do work with them, it matters to them. The work you do is meaningful to them; your not only getting paid but you’re helping this business to succeed. Yesterday a video I helped with was featured on TechCruch. It was just a quick little logo animation I did for them. They got some seed funding which means that they can continue doing their thing and hopefully continue to grow. When I saw this news it felt good to know that what I did may have helped a little. I’d like to think that maybe my work made a difference for this business. And I hope we can make a difference for many more businesses to come.

Why Blog?

You still don’t have that blog up and going? Why not? It’s not like it’s 1998 and blogs are this hot new thing.

Are you afraid no one is going to read it? You shouldn’t worry about who reads or doesn’t read it, blogs are really about what YOU want to produce. I think most people read and look at personal or business blogs to find an off the cuff or personal perspective on a topic that their passionate about.

For the most part, I blog for myself. I’m not concerned that people won’t read it. I’m writing and sharing because I want to create this content regardless of how many readers show up. More or less it would be the same content if it’s 100 readers or 100,000 readers.

Getting these ideas help me get better at my job and hopefully inspire or help someone else. I might have an image I’m proud of or an idea in my head about my work or life that I need to get down. If I’m having these struggles or questions it’s very likely there are others having these same thoughts. If they are having them at the same time I am or years later, they can read about how I handled it. Blogs have a long lasting shelf life, they exist on the internet until you decide to remove them. Which makes it a great marketing tool for yourself and your business if you are writing valuable content. Plus, writing and creating content for a blog keeps you creative and your mind active.

So the answer to “Why Blog?” is “Why Not?”

InsightIntell Episode 04 - Pinterest

Thanks for joining us for the fourth episode of InsightIntell. In this episode Case Morton and Brad Chmielewski talk about the social network Pinterest and how you can can use it to promote your business and brand. Case and Brad discuss ways they are using Pinterest and how you can use Pinterest to reach the ever growing audience.


If you’ve had any success growing your brand and reaching a new audience with Pinterest, we’d love to hear about it. And if there is anything you’d like us to talk about or any questions you might have, please let us know.

The Fundamental Elements of Design

Direction, Design, Animation, Writing: Erica Gorochow
EP, Writing: Karl Sluis
Sound, Music: Michael Coffman

Working On Some New Branding

Working On Some New Branding

Moving from Wordpress to Tumblr

I’ve finally had enough of my wordpress blog. The constant need to make sure my site and plugins were up to date as well as all the hackers and spammers, finally pushed me over the edge. So I’m now using Tumblr as my main blog. I know many people in the social media space say you shouldn’t use a free service like Tumblr or Posterous for you blog because it takes people away from your main site. But I think since they already have a great community built into these sites you have the chance to reach a larger audience. If your readers like what you’re posting and saying they will take the time to make that click over to your main site and see what it is you do or sell. Sure I could have continued using Tumblr the way I was, as basically a trash dump for funny photos and links back to digitalhitchhiker.com and hop-cast.com. Frankly, it was a mess… I felt as through my brand was getting fragmented and I needed to figure out some places to cut the fat. Since I was using the blog on digitalhitchhiker.com for just my work and my thoughts on the industry, I could easily just move that to Tumblr rather than having two blogs. Here on the new blog you’ll find the same stuff that was on digitalhitchhiker.com but you’ll also find quotes, inspiration, links and viral videos. Tumblr makes it simple to post and stay engaged with the community. They make it very easy for members to share content with one another quickly. This was something I think was lacking on the old blog since sometimes it would be weeks before there was new and interesting content.

Right now I’m in the process of moving, removing and fixing old posts that weren’t formatted or imported correctly. Sadly comments bit the dust from the old site and permalinks from the old site might be broken (I’m trying to clean that up). Since most people found my site from Google searches I don’t think it will be a big deal. Sure Tumblr has some issues… the archives don’t always function or behave correctly and I need to make sure everything is tagged correctly to show up in the search, no solution seems to be perfect. Please bare with me as I update the blog over the next few weeks and you’ll also begin to see a more unified branding look across the board. Here is the new RSS feed if you’d like to update your readers.

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