ecoATMs, which can be found across the country, recycles old phones, mp3 players, and tablets like iPads and Kindles, and pays cash instantly for them. Just like an ATM.

To recycle a gadget in an ecoATM,  just tap the screen, ecoATM verifies your ID, and put your phone, mp3 player or tablet inside. The ecoATM will figure out what it is, what condition it’s in, and how much it’s worth. Then it pays you cash, on the spot.

Thanks to ecoATM, Tom’s new-gadget habit has a happy ending.

Discover your own happy ending. Find an ecoATM at today.

ecoATM. It’s good for your wallet. It’s good for the planet.

Client: ecoATM
Production Company: LooseKeys
Creative Director: Brad Chmielewski

Copywriter: Alice Oglethorpe
Illustration: Jake Williams

Animation: Jake WilliamsBrad Chmielewski & Rob Rossi

Sound Design: Maeve Price
Voice Over: Jessica Fields
Software: Adobe After Effects & Final Cut Pro

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