Really, What’s The Deadline?

When working on broadcast commercial spots, there are not usually a lot of delays in production, the airtime has already been paid for and something needs to air. 

However, I work with a lot of startups and issues can come up and there are times where the products get delayed. Even if something happens with a launch date or product release date, the video isn’t necessarily going to be coinciding with that, it could be coming out with a press release instead. Its important that I know what role the video I am producing will play in the overall plan.

When there are these real deadlines, such as a launch or a press release coming out, I’m more than happy to put in the extra time, the late nights and even weekends if needed to make sure that deadline is hit.

If the deadline for the video I’m working on has been pushed back, its important that the client let me know. I know dates are often flexible but when I go into a project thinking a video is needed for a certain day, I do my best to make that happen. There have been instances where I’ve met the deadline for a project and then the client ends up wanting to tweak for an extra week past that drop dead date they gave me.

Maybe I rushed parts or scaled back on what I wanted to do because I was worried about this date. At 2:00 AM I’m not at 100%. If I would have known there was an extra day, I may have changed something in my design or animation. I would have put that time to use, improving elements and fine-tuning the piece. Not to mention that when I schedule a project for a certain amount of days and then the client wants to tweak past that date, that adds conflicts with my schedule. So its always important to communicate these important dates with all involved on a project, if a deadline changes then include the people working on the project with that bit of information. 

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