Strengths And Weaknesses

We’re now a week into everyone’s New Years resolutions and I’m sure there are a handful of people who have already given up on their goals. I’m still working on mine but I know it’s going to be harder as everyone get’s back to their “normal” routines this week. 

When New Years hits it’s easy to get caught up with the feeling of needing to achieve self improvement. Whether it’s to be happier, lose weight, or find a better job. The trouble with these resolutions is that they often leave us in a constant scenario of wants and then you’re never going to be happy. Rather than setting a bar so high that it’s out of reach, what about just improving off something you’re already good at. You can try to build on something you are already good at or at least decent at. For me this has been illustrating. Illustration is something I feel like I’m decent at but I’ve never been too great at drawing with a pen and paper. Sure I can get my illustrations working when I’m in Illustrator or After Effects but when I have a sketchbook in front of me everything tends to look the same. 

Here I am building on a strength and not starting from scratch. I’m sure we all have a strength that is tied to another weakness. Knowing what your strengths are is important and can help you get far but you also have to identify your weaknesses. Don’t be afraid of them, we are all bad at something. 

You’re most satisfied working a job that allows you to do what you’re good at doing. When you’re in a working environment where you can continue to develop skills that improve your weaknesses you are never going to be bored. 

One of my weaknesses is not only the poor physical drawing skills but it has been handling budgets. I’ve become better at it over the last couple years having my own business. Which building the business has been something of a strength for me but there are parts that need improvement. I’m still not the best with the financial side of the business but it’s a weakness that I know I can delegate to someone else when the time is right. Which will allow me to get back to my strengths. Taking the time to identify your strengths and weaknesses will help you set better goals then just to get rich or lose 20 pounds.

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