Ditch The Home Office & Visit A Local Coworking Space

For the last couple weeks I’ve decided to get out of my home office and work out of a coworking space with some other freelance friends. It’s an entirely different vibe when you’re working around other creative people. At a coworking space there are less distractions; you don’t have the TV tempting you away, the dog looking to go for a walk or those dirty dishes wanting to be washed. And since everyone around you is working hard on their projects, you too will be motivated to push harder. As a result, your productivity level can shoot through the roof. You can’t be slacking off on Facebook or Twitter when everyone around you is plugging away. The energy in a room filled with other passionate, hard working creative people, can’t be beat. Since no one likes to look bad, you can use this “peer pressure” to your advantage to help you to push yourself. I think it helps me to stay motivated and be more creative when I get out of my normal routine or surroundings every once in a while and shake it up a bit. I plan to continue to check out more coworking spaces from time to time and spend a few days away from the home office working with other creative people.

If you’re looking for a coworking space in Chicago check out DeskTime, and find a space that works for you.

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