So Long Bizzy

With the news today that Bizzy is shutting down, I can’t help but feel disappointed. Not only because I now have an empty place where that icon was on my iPhone but because this was a service I used and I really loved what it did. I thought the idea was great, it fit into that space between Foursquare and Yelp.

I was behind this service from the first moment I heard about them. This was why I originally reached out to help create an explainer video for them. Using video is a useful way to help reach a larger audience and attract new users. The video turned out great and explained the service in just a couple fun minutes. I even know a few people who started using the service from seeing the video. There are always other factors that drive growth and a well crafted video can only be one part of that.

The team was great to work with on the video and seemed like they loved what they were doing. I look forward to seeing what other projects they move onto and hopefully I have the pleasure of working with them again in the future.

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